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Who are we? What are we doing here? And why?

We are momma and baby here to share our world. We are Americans (baby is both American and Spanish) living in Southern Europe who love to explore life. And before you think, "Great, another lifestyle blog about unemployed wealthy people who just travel the world," think again. That’s not us.


This is a lifestyle blog which contains some travel ideas, a bit of fashion, a lot parenting and baby things and mostly healthy eating. But instead of influencer-like photos and budgets, we are sharing our very normal lifestyle of fashionable adventure and healthy eating. We want to inspire people to get out and do the things they normally wouldn't do, to wear what they normally wouldn't wear or to eat what they normally wouldn't eat. My background is in childhood education and fashion, and gardening has always been my passion. Combine those 3 ingredients together and the result is this blog.

It is very possible to be a normal person and to see as much of the world as you want, sometimes you just have to be more creative about how to make that happen. And, yes, you can cook healthy plant-based meals every single day that everyone will love, even children! So here you will find many great recipe options that every age group is sure to love. 95% of these recipes will be vegetarian and filled with nutrition to keep you vibrant and healthy. 

I often get many questions about places to visit in Europe, especially in Spain. People want to know where to go, especially those places that are off the beaten path. This blog will take you to those places, you will get an in-depth view of things to do, places to visit, and some great recipes to bring the flavor of the world to your dinner table. So if there is a place (or recipe or look) that you would like me to post about, please let me know! And please make sure you subscribe to receive weekly recipes and inspiration.

Lastly, while we do have many ambitious goals and this blog is just the beginning, while we're getting started, we would love your help! On the contact page, please donate if you can. Help us continue to post and bring you more inspirations. We greatly appreciate it. Thank you!


Stephanie Anne & Audrey Alma