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Welcome to AudreyAnne Life-Styling!

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Firstly, thanks for joining us! If you read the About section then you already have a bit of an idea about what this is all about, but I'll just reiterate that again here but in a bit more detail. So who we are, our goals and what will be on this blog. With that, our goal is quite simple:

Inspire others to live a healthy and positive lifestyle through foods and activities. We hope that you take what you need for this blog, whether it be recipes or cultural inspirations, and use that in your own life.

Who are we and what's our story?

We are a momma and baby duo based in Spain. Getting a website together focused on food and travel is something that I've wanted to do for a while now, however, with traditional work and then having a baby it didn't seem possible. After my daughter was born, the desire and inspiration multiplied and I'm finally making it happen. The baby doesn't have much of a story yet, but much of the inspiration comes from her; the desire to live an even more healthy lifestyle than before. So for now, here's my story:

Without going into actual life details, which may or may not happen on certain posts in the future, here are the basics:

I'm an American living abroad in Spain. Years ago I took a huge life risk and here I am now with the beginnings of a new little family. I have always lived a bit of an abstract life, so for those of you who know me, relocating to Europe makes perfect sense. My background is in both fashion and early childhood education, so living a visually inspired life and sharing that it incredibly important to me. I have always had a huge passion for gardening and healthy eating so when each of those things are put together, the result is this blog. What we put in our bodies is one of the few things that we have complete control over, in addition to our perceptions of life and events. I'm a normal person who often struggles with those things as everyone does, so I am not here to be some 'influencer' in the sense of showing some perfect life, because life isn't perfect, but instead we can take the imperfections and make it as great as possible. So that's me, the realistic dreamer, here to share a healthy and inspired life from one normal person to another.

Why the name AudreyAnne Life-Styling?

Because I'm in the younger half of the millennial generation and we love to turn nouns into verbs and completely misuse grammar, intentionally.

As I said above, I have a background in fashion, wardrobe consulting and styling to be specific. The name of my styling brand and website was AudreyAnne Styling, so now I'm taking that and transitioning it into styling but for an entire way of life: travels, meals, parenting and so on. My daughter is also named Audrey so I wanted to find a way to incorporate her in with my vision, as she is the biggest inspiration in my life.

As I do have past-life experience in fashion, if anyone is looking for a stylist or consultant for a specific event, image makeover, closet organization(virtually) or anything related, please contact me and I would love to help you out!

What are our short and long-term goals?

The short term goals are simple: to inspire others to cook and prepare healthy meals at home for the whole family, so visually inspire people on a daily basis through cultural travels and fashion, and to talk about normal parenting topics that are normal for us all. In addition to those things, of course there are other smaller goals such as guiding others through meal preparations, understanding certain food and how to creatively put them together and to provide tips and suggestions in relation to eating in general. I hope to show others that preparing healthy meals is not stressful nor expensive. It is possible and affordable for everyone, even incredibly busy parents who barely have time to shower!

For the travelling side, we hope to provide virtual tours of different places in Europe, specifically in Spain and to show the not-so-typical locations that you wouldn't find on a typical travel website. To help anyone out who might be planning a trip to Europe or with any logistical or paperwork issues for anyone coming long term. It's really limitless actually!

The long term goals are ambitious but are all things I am very much looking forward to. In the future we hope to finally have our own Farm-to-Table restaurant. We would also love to put out our own cookbook and veggie life-style guide. Travelling all over the world to share this would also be wonderful!

What you will find on this blog:

  1. Recipes. 95% of what you will see on here will be fully nutritious, easy to make for anyone, vegetarian meals and snacks. These recipes are all great for the whole family, including meat-eaters and children. As time goes on there will be more of a guide for preparing healthy meals for young children as well.

  2. Tips and Guides for those recipes, such as go-to veggies or herbs or what to do if you have no time. How to improvise and be creative with your meals or snacks. Also, websites, blogs and people that I love to get inspiration from.

  3. Travel ideas and inspiration. Where to visit, common and off the beaten path. If you aren't travelling, then it'll be more of virtual travel, which I love to do. Things to do and to see at each of the places.

  4. Parenting! Travelling with children, activities to do and how to just survive sometimes(because let's be honest, it's tough!).

  5. Fashion and self-care. The importance of simply getting dressed everyday and feeling good! Tips and guides for fashion and feeling confident.

So with all of that being said, welcome to our world! We hope that you get from here exactly what it is that you were hoping to get, plus more! And of course, if you are able to, please head over to the contact page and make a donation of whatever you can. These donations enable us to continue to bring you new inspirations and recipes, with new ingredients and ideas. Also be sure to subscribe on the about page to receive weekly emails with new recipes and/or posts. Thank you!

Stephanie and Audrey

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